Thursday, March 11, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

A-previous works

The theme of sorrow is shown in this wearable through the white, re-cycled foam core. The base uses repetition of the circles which could cover the eye and ear demonstrate the wearer doesn't want to make any contact with the outsider while the irregular placing and interlocking of the circles on the top show confusion.

B-a great piece of architecture

The extraordinary clan homes-TULOU was built in late 19th century. They are situated at Wuyi mountains of the province of Fujian in Southern China. Clan homes are not only famous in their form ( from 17m to 19m in diameters), but also in their materials where clay given the clan homes a very homogeneous appearance and woods which construct a dense and compact building with up to 250 small rooms.

C-something beautiful

This picture was taken on a bridge in Tibet. Tibetan Buddhism - Bhutan is the major religion that is practice among the Tibetan. White scarf is a tradition culture represents open pure heart to welcome the guests and Tibetans' beautiful hopes.

clients works

Patricia Piccinini

-Not Quite Animal (Transgenic skull for the Young Family), 2008 [accessed 8th March]

v, transform
n, sparkle
adj, metallic

Ricky Swallow

- Fearful Symmetry (Detail) Jelutong, 2002
[accessed 8th March]

v, scare
n, balance
adj, rotten

Richard Goodwin

- Procession,1986
[accessed 8th March]

v, flow
n, joy
adj, geometric