Tuesday, June 15, 2010


google sketchup
here is the link to my model:
or you can search lujing chen in google warehouse

here is the link to my final crisis war environment model:

key instruction:
lift for Miranda Kerr: "r" down to valley
"t" back to office
lift for Andgela Marel: "p" down to valley
"l"back to office

peer review

dveveloped model

Above is the offices for Miranda Kerr where offices and are made up of several spheres. As Miranda is a model giving audience happiness and entertainment, I chose sphere as a result to show the power (admiration) gather from the society. In additional, lift was made out dome glass to demonstrate the Miranda's position ( well-known) and allow Miranda to look down and enjoy the view.

Above is the offices for Angela Merkel where offices and life is made out of "triangular" . As Angela is a politic and her power is stronger than Miranda, office was delibrate positioned above Miranda's office. In additional, Angela's power is really big that she has to fight against other and her decisions are vital that might result in a bad situation, office are design as a triangle that the pointy part could demonstrate her power.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

draft model

Koenigssee Valley, Germany

sandbox valley sky view

sandbox valley, view of the river

sandbox valley, view of waterfall

sandbox valley view from the ground

sandbox valley view of sky